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Buzz is no magic, it's a well thought out technology that makes it extremely easy for thousands to instantly join a buzz campaign.

We will help you create your first Buzz for your own business event, product announcement, customer voice amplification, talent acquisition and other occasions.

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S3-Buzz Use Cases

Event Promotion

1Promoting events, small or large, is difficult in times where almost everybody is fighting for attention for their events. S3-Buzz provides a unique way to integrate speaker and sponsors, partners and friends into the engagement to grow attendance.


Product Launch

2Introducing new products and services or new promoting new versions is very difficult. Brands need to wait until enough people mention and review them to see revenue growing. S3-Buzz provides a unique way to increase mentions and reach.


Talent Acquisition

3Finding the right talent was never easy. Advertising a new job is even in tough times a challenge. S3-Buzz helps mobilizing teams and friend to not only find qualified people but also people who fit into the respective culture of the organization.



4Creating awareness as a brand or non profit organization and cutting through the ever growing noise level is a challenge for even the biggest organizations. S3-Buzz is helping grow mentions and reach by leveraging the noise level and using it for good.